Unispices Wazaran B.V. (Ltd.), the spice branch of the internationally active Bawazir Group, was founded in 2013 to provide end-users/industries all over the world with authentic and high quality Indonesian spices.

Unispices Wazaran is a processor and exporter focused on collecting, processing, marketing and supplying Indonesian spices. In cooperation with selected farmers and local collectors, spices are supplied from our Indonesian facilities. Through complete supply chain management Unispices Wazaran delivers guaranteed high quality spices.

Promotion and marketing of our spices is performed by our Dutch marketing and sales office. From there, we offer complete support for shipping from the place of origin as well as spot deliveries from two renowned storage companies in the Rotterdam region.


Indonesia is widely known for its spices, harvested from the numerous islands with its fertile soils. Trading of these spices started in the 7th century. During the 14th -17th centuries, when traders from Europe involved in the trading, spices from Indonesia achieved its golden period in the world market. The Indonesian native spices such as nutmeg and clove were very valuable back then and they still are in this 21st century.

By recapitulating this history and current resources in origin, Unispices Wazaran B.V. maintains in delivering a variety of high quality spices for the European market. We collaborate with local farmers and small collectors in origin in order to provide sustainable supply and high quality of spices. We are fully committed to traceable sourcing, product safety and the highest quality standards for our spices.